Sandra Victor
Education Manager

Cheam First Nation strives to promote learning and to provide life-skills education, free from economic worries. The Education Department provides education support to Kindergarten to Grade 12, and financial support to post-secondary students. Please contact the Education Manager for the eligibility requirements to received educational support.

  • K-12 Support – Cheam administers funding from INAC for public school students who are on our Nominal Roll. Funding assistance is provided for school supplies for all students, and school fees for students in middle and high school. Students in Grade 8-12 are eligible for a monthly attendance allowance.
  • Post-Secondary Funding – Cheam administers funding from INAC for post-secondary studies. Funding assistance covers tuition costs for successful applicants. Due to limited funding, we are currently operating with a waiting list.
  • Community Programs – Cheam hosts several community programs and activities throughout the year.
    • Homework Club is open to all students needing assistance with their school work.
    • Cheam Awards provides recognition to all students whom achieve school standard selection of nominations for awards and graduation.
    • Summer Program provides various activities for children aged 6-12.
    • Cheam Days is a once-a-year gathering with many different activities for Community Members to participate in.