In order to achieve a more consistent and balanced workload among elected leadership, the following tasks and outcomes have been developed for Council to advance grouped issues on a political level.

Portfolios are reviewed and assigned by Council Members at the beginning of an elected term, usually based on strong interest or expertise and least perception of conflict of interest. The portfolio holders are not supervising staff or administering the project. The Chief is a member of all portfolio assignments.

Portfolio Portfolio Holder Alternate
Governance: Policy Development; External Interactions; Title and Rights (fishing, hunting, land claims traditional, culture); Financial Planning All Council
Education: Training; Professional Development; Language Councillor Muriel Victor Councillor Dionne Shaw
Health & Social: Child & Family Services (Xyolhemeylh); Drugs & Alcohol Addiction; Health Care; Justice Councillor Rick Quipp Councillor Andrew Victor
Administration: Personnel; Hiring, Evaluations & Progressive Discipline; Communications; Finance & Taxation; System Development Councillor Dionne Shaw Councillor Muriel Victor
Land Use & Community Development: Housing; Public Works; Land Use; Economic Development; Captial Projects Councillor Andrew Victor Councillor Darwin Douglas
Culture, Social & Recreation: Longhouse; Funerals & Memorials; Celebrations; Recreation Councillor Darwin Douglas Councillor Rick Quipp
Fisheries: Councillor Rick Quipp Councillor Darwin Douglas