Economic Development

Our people have been the “caretakers” of the land since time immemorial.
Land Development
Historically, our resources have always sustained us and been critical to our survival. We used our resources for food, bartering and trading for survival. Also, the lands and resources have always taken care of our social well-being as a people. Our lands are used for food, trading,hunting and plants for traditional medicines and teas. The water is used for spiritual baths, fishing for food, social and ceremonial purposes. We also sell fish to enhance our economic sustainability. As a People, we respect the land and resources by giving back, keeping it clean and looking after our homes. We conserve our resources by not taking more than what we need. We must not be greedy. The vision is to still have our resources for our grandchildren for many generations.

Economic Development & Land Resources is not a Band or INAC program driven department and/or service at this current time. In January 2013, the Chief and Council sought entry into the Land Advisory Board through delivering a self-assessment tool questionnaire to the FNLMB. Cheam also has signed BCR 1112 towards entry into the framework agreement with the Lands Advisory Board for land code and land management.

It is a council driven department with high priority initiatives to the Cheam First Nation and one of the cornerstones of safeguarding our independence and enhancing our opportunities as a nation. We are currently following the milestones that are necessary for seeing this become a reality; however this undertaking is still in the planning stage and in its infancy.