Chief & Council

The Cheam First Nation Members grant power to an elected Chief & Council to govern the affairs of the community with sound decision-making and an emphasis on the future.

The Chief & Council is concerned with the well-being of Cheam Members and the wise use of land and resources. The objective today of Chief & Council is to support and advocate for a healthy, successful, independent community with a strong connection to the roots of our history and culture of the Pil’alt Tribe.

Cheam’s elected leadership consists of one Chief and five Councillors, which serve in office for two years. The current Chief & Council (2023-2025) are:

Council’s governance obligations include:

  • Setting strategic direction
  • Hiring and supervising the Executive Director
  • Protecting and optimizing community assets
  • Making Governance Policies
  • Overseeing service programs
  • Overseeing financial matters

The Chief & Council acts on an informed basis, in good faith, in the honest belief that the action taken is in the best interest of Cheam First Nation.