Lands and Capital Director

Position Title: Lands and Capital DirectorDepartment: Lands
FTE/STATUS: Full-Time, PermanentSalary Range:Dependent upon Education  and Experience
Office Hours:Mon.-Fri., 8:30am – 4:30pm  (Standard Office Hours)  Flexibility in SchedulingEffective Date: ASAP

Position Summary:  

Under the direction of the Cheam Executive Director, the Lands and Capital Director will administer and implement the Cheam Land Code and will oversee all operations of the Cheam Lands Department. The incumbent is responsible for the safe and efficient operations of the Lands Department in accordance with Cheam policies and government regulations, and will supervise all Lands Staff.

Working closely with the Executive Director and Chief and Council, this position will play a key role in Cheam Land planning and development. This planning will coincide with Cheam’s’ long-term strategic plan and comprehensive community plan, ensuring that Cheam Land Code is implemented and adhered to accordingly.

Required Qualifications / Education / Experience / Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in one or more of the following: Lands Management, Land Use Planning, Civil Engineering, Community Planning and Development, Energy and Mineral or Environmental Engineering, Petroleum Land Management, or in a related discipline.
  • Experience in developing and implementing strategic plans, policy or bylaw development, land or resource planning, community consultation and facilitation processes.
  • Experience with First Nation Land Code is preferred. Experience with and knowledge of the Indian Act (land provisions), First Nations Land Management Act, the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management, and First Nations Land Registry, is an asset.
  • Knowledge of land registration and land administration principles and procedures would be an asset.
  • Knowledge of the Land Leasing process, Estates process and Individual Land Holdings on-reserve would be an asset.
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of construction design and project management.
  • Knowledge of basic construction techniques, systems and materials, building trades, local codes, contract law and administration.
  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience within the field or in a similar capacity is required.
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of supervisory/managerial experience required.
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret construction drawings, construction specifications, building codes and other printed regulations as they apply to design and capital projects.
  • Proven experience in project management techniques to meet deadlines, manage resources and meet reporting requirements, including: Ability to organize large quantities of information, to deal with frequently changing priorities; Ability to supervise and coordinate multiple architects/engineers, project managers and contractors, suppliers, and management of trades personnel.
  • Ability to manage the programming and design of large, complex projects.
  • Knowledge of facility operation problems as well as engineering and architectural systems and applicable codes, standards, and regulations.
  • The ability to utilize the First Nation Land Registry System or Indian Lands Registry System would be an asset.
  • Ability to utilize relevant online mapping systems.
  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint and Outlook) and internet applications.
  • Ability to write reports, project descriptions and scope and routine business correspondence.
  • Possess mathematical skills to calculate figures and amounts such as square footage, area, volume, circumferences, and percentages. Has the ability to apply concepts of basic algebra and geometry. Knowledge of cost accounting and purchasing methods is required.
  • Ability to present information effectively, respond to questions and concerns immediately, and facilitate satisfactory resolutions to problems. Ability to handle sensitive situations with tact and diplomacy.
  • Must have the self-confidence and assertiveness to present and support conclusions to a variety of groups including high-level administrators, architects, engineers, facility staff, and customers.
  • Familiarity of Cheam’s perspective in relation to lands, resources and governance is an asset.
  • Flexible working week with after-hour meetings and conferences.
  • Be accountable to justify and explain written reports, operational and capital expenditures.
  • Excellent leadership, time management, organizational, planning and analytical skills.
  • Possesses strong ethical standards, work ethic, and highly motivated.
  • Strategic, politically astute and strong negotiation skills.
  • Strong conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to balance competing priorities, multitask, and to work under pressure. Must have the ability to work in an environment of constantly changing priorities and tight deadlines.
  • Ability to work in an environment that applies cross-training within the Department.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain Confidentiality and abide by Cheam First Nations’ Policies and Procedures.
  • Knowledge, respect and understanding of Stó:lō culture, traditions and language are considered an asset.
  • Experience working with First Nations community is considered an asset.
  • Valid BC Driver’s License, Class 5 and reliable transportation.
  • Satisfactory Criminal Record Check.

Duties and Responsibilities:   

Strategic Planning/ Lands Administration:

  • Oversee and grow the Lands department by developing an internal strategy to implement ratified Land Code, while managing regulation and enforcement. Considering development regimes, negotiations of municipal service agreements, monitoring, and replying to development engineering needs, enforcing bylaws, completing permitting activities, handling lease negotiations, and various other development-related activities.
  • Administer and implement the Cheam Land Code and Individual Agreements; and provide expert and strategic advice on all matters pertaining to Cheam Lands.
  • Set-up of departmental infrastructure, resources and staffing.
  • Develop, negotiate, implement, process and review systems, policies, procedures, processes, and forms for all types of land transactions, including ownership transfers, land lease agreements, sub-leases, allotments, rights of way, and resource or usage-related permits.
  • Take a lead role in the development of land administration and resource-related policies, procedures and laws. Develop and implement laws, policies and procedures related to lands administration, resource management and planning on reserve.
  • Develop multi-year strategic plans and annual department budget and work plans.
  • Provide leadership to land use planning and evaluation and interpret Land documents.
  • Evaluate land use and develop protection policies, legislation, and regulations.
  • Ensure that thorough and accurate files are maintained on lands, residential areas, surveying and mapping functions, including the management of photos, maps and imagery databases.
  • Develop, implement and review interest agreements, leases, right of ways and permits, and ensure efficient communications with interest holders of potential expiration or changes.
  • Prepare and manage proposals, legal land descriptions and surveys for additions to the reserve.
  • Manage surveys and mapping preparation for economic development needs and designations. Manage exterior boundary surveys.
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of land use activities by applicants.
  • Conduct and participate in formal meetings and negotiations to develop agreements with other government departments and the private sector on all items relating to land use. 
  • Create and maintain systems to record all legal interests in Cheam Lands (Reserve and otherwise).
  • Monitor compliance of land use permits.
  • Coordinate public reviews of all public and private sector developments, commercial and industrial developments.
  • Coordinate consultation and accommodation for public and private sector development within the Cheam traditional territory. Respond to all requests through the coordination of resources (archaeologists, lawyers, consultants, staff, community, and finances) including the negotiation of funding for consultation and eventual impact and benefits agreements.
  • Manage consultants and legal advisors, including developing contracts and work plans.
  • Coordinate Cheams’ participation in mediation and litigation matters and provide recommendations. Prepare for court action and reaction to consultation and accommodation.
  • Ensure that Band Council Resolutions (BCR’s) and agreements related to lands and resources are drafted and implemented.
  • Assist with monitoring and ensuring compliance of all leases on First Nation Lands to ensure terms and conditions are being met.
  • Develop and implement information management systems and record control systems for the Lands and Resources Office.
  • Read, interpret, catalogue and maintain maps, air photography and satellite images.
  • Gather, maintain and input historical and current information into various systems (GIS, MMS System, Xyntax Database, etc.)
  • Coordinate registration in the FNLRS and assist in searches, preparing and registering documents.
  • Assist with the development and management of natural resource-based initiatives, including fishing, mining, and forestry, both on- and off-reserve.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of land-related services to members.
  • Actively participate in multi-departmental initiatives, as required.
  • Establish effective decision-making processes that will enable CFN to achieve its long-term goals and objectives.
  • Collaborate with the Cheam management team & CEI for planning and projects

Capital Project Management:

  • Responsible for capital forecasting and planning. Including fundraising, proposal writing, requisitioning of Cheam capital assets, etc.
  • Provide the necessary leadership and be responsible for managing large and complex capital improvement projects. 
  • Facilitate the collection of project requirements, objectives and expectations, and clearly communicate this information to project teams.
  • Lead definition of project objectives, scope development, and front-end engineering in support of the project development and execution.
  • Develop Cheam’s Project Management Process in the execution of capital projects.
  • Manage project documentation of all capital projects and drawings.
  • Monitor the progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project
  • Review the quality of the work completed with the project team on a regular basis to ensure that it meets all legal and project standards.
  • Manage all project funds according to established accounting policies and procedures.
  • Simultaneously manage multiple tasks and projects effectively.
  • Accountable for project controls: project cost estimating, planning/scheduling, project benchmarking, effective cost control/forecasting, effective project progress control, contracting/procurement-plans, cash flow management and financial status of the project.
  • Direct company or contract project engineers in supporting roles on Major Projects.

Financial Management:

  • Oversee the financial status of the Lands Department by developing long and short-term financial plans, monitoring the overall budget. Assist with the preparation of the Band’s long-range strategic financial plan, as required.
  • Take overall responsibility for the planning, development, administration and monitoring of all financial matters under the Lands department. This includes reviewing and relaying financial reporting, accounting for budget shortfalls and contingency budgets.
  • Formulate and execute comprehensive planning, marketing, and development strategies that will ensure consistency throughout the organization and enhance revenue streams for Cheam First Nation. This would include identifying a variety of revenue generating capital projects, funding opportunities and completing proposal writing.
  • Develop the annual Lands and Capital Projects budgets and work plans.
  • Oversee financial funding planning and future forecasting for all Lands related Capital Projects.
  • Prepare the Lands annual capital and operating budgets. This includes performing research regarding cost estimations. Prepare and submit budgets for approval, including required timelines for projected completion dates. Budgets and timelines must have all associated costs, as well as incremental completion dates. Budgets and timelines to be updated as required.
  • Develop, review, approve and submit departmental purchases and contracts, monitor budget and expenditures, and revise annual budget plans/projections as required.
  • Monitor budgets, compare estimates, and ensure there are no cost overruns.
  • Provide detailed financial information and reports as required.
  • Request and review bids/tenders for all Lands-related projects.
  • Identify gaps in financing and budget based on Lands annual work plan, capital and operating budgets.
  • Strategize solutions for funding deficiencies. Research funding opportunities, prepare proposals for funding as required, and fulfill full reporting requirements to the funding agency.
  • Research equipment, materials and supplies and seek cost-effective methods with regard to vendor relations, contractors/subcontractors, etc. 

Asset Management:

  • Identify and establish policies and procedures with regard to the purchasing of Lands equipment and supplies.
  • Purchase necessary equipment, tools, materials, supplies, etc. within the established budget.
  • Develop a preventative maintenance plan to reduce maintenance costs and prevent larger projects/repairs under the Lands program.
  • Ensure that all assets, materials and supplies are safeguarded, tracked and that inventory records are updated as required.

Community and Public Relations:

  • Develop relationships/partnerships with industry, municipalities, levels of government, and other external organizations by sharing information and representing Cheam Band.
  • Build relationships with Cheam Council and Executive Team, Economic Development arm Cheam Enterprises Inc. and Cheam Membership. Work with senior staff and Council to address gaps, changing and new responsibilities, and the needs for application of limited resources.
  • Liaise with Cheam’s’ consultants/subcontractors on archaeological, environmental, and fisheries concerns.
  • Build partnerships with municipalities, industries, political, and community leaders to further CFN’s mission and goals.
  • Build relationships at all levels of community – listening to, caring for and attending to their needs.

Communications and Reporting:

  • Develop and implement a Lands communication strategy for Cheam Band.
  • Manage communications and meetings with Chief and Council, a variety of stakeholders, lands committee, members and other third parties. Coordinate and facilitate Lands meetings to keep all stakeholders abreast of activities, assist in providing advice, etc.
  • Report on all Lands activities and programs delivered annually to the Chief, Council and the Community of Cheam. Provide presentations to Membership for community engagement purposes.
  • Report monthly to Executive Director, and Chief and Council on project activities and accomplishments, including reporting on budgets and expenditures.
  • Lead community land and resource-related consultations and voting processes.
  • Deliver presentations to Council, senior management, colleagues and clients/stakeholders on strategic plans and issues.
  • Provide information to members and third parties about the status of their lands and issues related to the granting, alteration, transfer or alienation of interest in those lands.
  • Notify interest holders of potential expiration and changes to land lease agreements, sub-leases, permits, rights of way, additions to reserve proposals, allotments, transfers, etc. and ensure the terms of the interest agreements are met.
  • Represent Cheam Lands department as the delegated authority in meetings, workshops and communications with members, third parties and local governments.

Oversight of Public Works and Housing Department Functions:

  • Responsible for the overall coordination of Lands, Public Works, Housing and Capital Project activities.
  • Oversight of Public Works and Housing: short and long-term planning, strategic and operational planning needs, and budget review. Ensuring that these departments are piggy-backing off each other’s programs and services, whilst ensuring no duplication of services or activities and that departments are running in conjunction with each other for cost effectiveness.
  • Oversight of Public Works and Housing Capital Assets Management Programs, inventory controls, etc.
  • Public Works and Housing Managers will be responsible for annual workplans, budgets, and handling all day-to-day operations and staff supervision.
  • Ensure that both Public Works and Housing departments are following internal Lands administration processes, when required.

Staff Supervision Functions:

  • Responsible for the overall supervision of all staff and sub-contractors working for Cheam Band, under Lands and Capital Projects.
  • Supervise, manage, mentor/coach/train and evaluate lands department personnel, Public Works and Housing Managers.  
  • Develop and implement standards of performance for all subordinate staff.
  • Ensure Lands job descriptions are complete, accurate and current.
  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of all Lands staff.
  • Provide effective orientation, mentorship and training to new and previous staff. Ensure that staff members have the information, training, resources and equipment to perform their jobs effectively.
  • Ensure that staff work priorities support the department’s annual work plan.
  • Complete supervision and provide staff with annual evaluations through Cheam’s Performance Evaluation process. Provide staff with meaningful and timely performance feedback through verbal and written evaluations on a regular basis.
  • Utilize performance management measures when and where required.
  • Identify gaps in manpower, training, skills and abilities and work to strategize solutions for deficiencies.
  • Promote staff accountability, staff morale and workplace safety.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings to to define goals and objectives, identify and resolving issues, needs, etc. and improve teamwork and communication.
  • Encourage positive morale, creativity and teamwork.
  • Participate fully as an active member of the Management Team with respect to department and inter-departmental matters, ie: strategic planning, budgeting, etc.

Records Management:

  • Ensure that Lands staff develop and maintain confidential files re: Lands.
  • Maintain efficient filing systems, records, storage and databases.
  • Complete auditing of files on a periodic basis.

Other:   Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Direct Reports:

  • Lands Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Public Works Manager
  • Housing Manager
  • Lands Consultants / Subcontractors

Back Up:     

From time to time you may be required to provide relief or backup to other employees within your department, or within other departments as your training and experience deems appropriate.

Professional Development:    

Cheam First Nation encourages lifetime learning. Professional development is one tool to achieve this. You are encouraged to discuss professional development opportunities with your immediate supervisor. Further, additional training requirements may be added by your supervisor to ensure your skills meet the current or expected organizational needs.

Adjustments to Job Descriptions: 

Cheam retains the right to make necessary adjustments or amendments to job descriptions to meet current or expected business needs provided that the appropriate notice is provided. Cheam also retains the right to temporarily reassign employees to another program or department for projects or assignments at any time.

To apply please send your resume and any supporting documentation to [email protected]

Download job description here.