Health & Wellness Director

Position Title:Health & Wellness DirectorDepartment:Health and Wellness
FTE/STATUS: Full-Time, PermanentSalary Range:Dependent upon Education  and Experience
Office Hours:Monday – Friday
8:30am – 4:30pm
Effective Date: 

Position Summary:

The Health and Wellness Director is responsible for the efficient, effective, and productive operation of the Health and Wellness Department. The Health and Wellness Director shall provide leadership and management expertise in accordance with standard operating policies and procedures as set out by Indigenous Services Canada and Health Canada. The Health and Wellness Director manages programs through the effective delegation of activities and tasks to direct reports.

Under the direction of the Cheam Executive Director, the Health and Wellness Director oversees a large variety of programs/services and tasks that require planning, coordination, control and evaluation of Cheam’s Health Programs and Services. The main goal is to improve the Health of the community by providing efficient and effective programs and services that meet the needs and wants of the community at large. 

Required Qualifications / Education / Experience / Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, Health Sciences or a related field (i.e. nursing, health care management, etc.) A solid understanding of healthcare procedures and regulations is required.
  • 5-8 years of significant, recent, relevant and senior experience working in a health setting, including the development, implementation, delivery, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of health and/or social service programs and services.
  • Experience in the development of culturally relevant and safe programs and services, including monitoring and evaluation, with a health and/or social services focus.
  • Experience in collaborative planning at a community level, ideally with a health and/or social services focus.
  • Demonstrated experience in leadership, staff management, and conflict resolution.
  • Current knowledge of the First Nations health systems in BC, as well as the tripartite relationships between Canada, BC and the FNHA, including knowledge of the key governing documents in the BC First Nation health care landscape (i.e. Tripartite First Nations Health Plan; Resolution 2011-01 and the Consensus Paper 2011, BC First Nations Perspective on New Health Governance; Resolution 2012-01 and the Consensus Paper 2012, Navigating the Currents of Change – Transitioning to a New First Nations Health Governance Structure; and the Tripartite Framework Agreement on First Nations Health).
  • Knowledge of the services, structures, legislation, regulations and processes regarding First Nations health and wellness in BC, including on-and off-reserve jurisdiction issues and decisions. This includes knowledge of the structure of health and wellness services in BC and how the health systems interact.
  • Knowledge of the Privacy Act and legislation that is applicable to the First Nations Health departments, BC’s Employment Standards Act and the federal Canadian Employment Standards Act, and any other legislation that is applicable to the role.
  • Knowledge of the health and wellness programs, services and related resources offered by First Nations organizations, as well as by the federal and provincial governments.
  • Knowledge of the historical factors of trauma that are relevant to the aspects of colonization, etc.
  • Knowledge of the social determinants of health (i.e. Health and Wellness, housing, food, security, education, social safety network, etc.)
  • Knowledge of basic planning approaches and tools, as well as records management practices as it applies to health planning ad reporting. 
  • Ability to access, apply research, and draft government and other funding proposals and reports.
  • Ability to understand and interpret funding agreements and financial statements, including meeting required funding deadline submissions. Ability to draft reports under tight deadlines.
  • Experience with financial monitoring, reporting, tracking and documentation. Knowledge of basic financial and budgeting processes and protocols.
  • Ability to lead consultative processes regarding community health needs and opportunities.
  • Ability to identify relevant community health priorities through involvement and consultation with community members.
  • Ability to promote public health, First Nations concepts of health and wellness, and healthy ways of being.
  • Ability to coordinate interventions, directly or indirectly, in trauma and crisis situations.
  • Ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the Health Director role, including the setting of professional and personal boundaries.
  • Ability to foster significant internal and external relationships. This includes establishing and maintaining collaborative partnerships and sustainable relationships between BC First Nations, health and wellness organizations, and government agencies.
  • Ability to negotiate with, and influence health system partners.
  • Ability to organize and host community health events and engagements.
  • Excellent customer service, time management, organizational, planning, analytical, administrative, and presentation skills.
  • Strong conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills.
  • Possesses strong ethical standards, work ethic, and highly motivated. Resourceful and strong research capabilities.
  • Ability to work under pressure and react effectively to emergency situations.
  • Ability to work in a team-geared, culturally and politically sensitive environment.
  • Ability to work with various cultures, personalities and other demographics from a variety of clientele and staff.  Ability to develop strong positive relationships with all stakeholders and Membership.
  • Must be accessible and accountable to Chief and Council, Cheam Management, Staff and Community Members.
  • Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Internet, and Email).

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Program Administration/Compliance:

  • Provide leadership and direction to planning, organizing, implementing, maintaining and evaluating culturally relevant and safe health and wellness programs and services. Ensure programs and services are managed, delivered, and evaluated in a coordinated and integrated approach and in a manner that is respectful of diversity, and in alignment with the culture and traditions of Cheam First Nation.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate new and culturally relevant and safe health and wellness programs and services.
  • Ensure in-depth involvement in health provision in order to deliver culturally relevant and safe Health and Wellness and treatment to community members.
  • Promote community health, First Nations concepts and traditions regarding wellness, and healthy ways of being.
  • Advocate for health and wellness needs of the community.
  • Ensure that program goals are documented and communicated to the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Ensure that healthcare practices meet Health Canada, Department of Indigenous Services Canada and Fraser Health Authority requirements.
  • Oversees the application of policy and procedures related to the specified Health programs.
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of client files.
  • Ensure that programs, services and health staff are in compliance with legislation, government funding policies and procedures, and within Cheam’s organizational and departmental policies and procedures.
  • Develop, implement, evaluate and amend health-related, culturally relevant and safe policies, processes and procedures.
  • Prepare and monitor annual workplans and related budgets, including regular and consistent reporting.
  • Oversight of Health Department Event Planning

Strategic Planning:

  • Lead consultative processes regarding community health planning needs and opportunities, including identification of relevant community health and wellness priorities.
  • Plan for existing and emerging health and wellness needs, including soliciting input from the community and other health system professionals resulting in the development of Nation-based community health and wellness plans.
  • Perform necessary research on innovative and creative health and wellness programs, services, policies and procedures, and administration. Stay abreast of emerging ideas, programs, and services.
  • Create, develop, implement, evaluate, and monitor Nation-based community health and wellness plans, including both existing and emerging health and wellness needs, incorporating input from community and other health system professionals.
  • Ensure emergency management, preparedness planning and/or pandemic planning is in place and well communicated to all staff and Cheam Membership.
  • Organize and host relevant community health and wellness events and engagements.
  • Develop annual department work plan.
  • Prepare and/or review comprehensive reports, plans, contract documents, and budgets as required. Maintain accurate records.
  • Work to achieve the goals identified in the Cheam’s Comprehensive Community Plan, with regards to Health and Wellness.  Identify and recommend strategic goals and objectives for the Health Department with the Cheam Band Manager, and Chief and Council.
  • Implement Health and Wellness’ program policies and procedures. Analyze, develop and implement new programs as required.
  • Provide information regarding long-term impacts of issues, decisions and activities the department undertakes. Providing historical information and advice as required.
  • Develop annual department strategic plan in collaboration with the Executive Director, and Chief and Council.
  • Ensure that strategic planning goals and objectives are achieved on time and within budget.
  • Maintain an all-inclusive (schedule, budget, etc.) planning file, which chronicles the implementation of the Strategic Plan in such a manner that a current status report can be provided as required.
  • Research, introduce, develop, implement, evaluate and update Health and Wellness programs as required. 
  • Develop long-term plans and programs that enhance the Cheam Band Community. Present approved plans and programs to direct reports to carry out action plans, tasks, scheduling of personnel and equipment, etc. in order to meet plan and program objectives.
  • Evaluate and respond to operational challenges and opportunities for improvement.
  • Work in collaboration with other Departments regarding projects requiring inter-departmental consultation.

Financial Management:

  • Oversee the financial status of the Health and Wellness Department by developing long and short-term financial plans, and monitoring the overall budget. Assist with the preparation of the Band’s long-range strategic financial plan, as required.
  • Negotiation and Management of Health Services Agreements.
  • Take overall responsibility for the planning, development, administration and monitoring of all financial matters under the Health and Wellness Department. This includes reviewing and relaying financial reporting, and accounting for budget shortfalls and contingency budgets.
  • Ensure financial management of programs and services, including all financial accountabilities and funding requirement compliance. This includes ensuring accurate and timely, financial and budgetary reporting and audits.
  • Manage the budget and financial reports of the health and wellness programs and services, including efficient utilization of the funding.
  • Prepare the annual Health and Wellness budget and corresponding work plan. This will include oversight and review of Health, Social Development, and Education funding and budgeting. Ensuring that programs coincide with long-term Health and Wellness plans.
  • Develop, review, approve and submit departmental purchases and contracts, monitor budget and expenditures, and revise annual budget plans/projections as required.
  • Provide detailed financial information and reports as required. Maintain an appropriate financial/accounting tracking/filing system that meets the requirements of the department.
  • Manage and administer health-related accounts and funding. Prepare, review and approve purchase orders and cheque requisitions, ensuring that program expenditures are made within budgetary parameters.
  • Conduct financial analyses on Health programs and services. Identify gaps in financing and budget based on programming needs.
  • Proactively seek out diverse funding sources to sustain health and wellness programs including grants and other funding opportunities. Strategize solutions for funding deficiencies. Research funding opportunities and prepare proposals for funding as required, and fulfill full reporting requirements to the funding agency.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

  • Proactively build and nurture collaborative and respectful working relationships with all First Nations in BC, health and wellness partners and service providers, and government agencies. Utilize these relationships as an avenue to assist the Cheam community in achieving its health and wellness goals and objectives. (i.e. Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), First Nations Health Authority, First Nations Inuit Health Branch (FNIB), Sto Lo Nation, Sto Lo Aboriginal Skills Employment and Training (SASET) program, and other First Nation surrounding communities such as Seabird Island Band, neighbouring Health Directors, and community hubs, etc.)
  • Collaborate and partner with FNHDA, FNHA, FNHC, Regional Health Authorities, Nations Assemblies, etc. to build effective partnerships that will improve the health and wellness of the Cheam community by being an active member at applicable meetings.
  • Respect cultural protocols and acknowledge and embrace the diversity of knowledge systems.
  • Serve as liaison, connector and convener between the community and its health system partners.
  • Build and nurture collaborative, respectful, and good working relationships with community members.

Communications and Public Relations:

  • Develop relationships/partnerships with industry, municipalities, levels of government, and other external organizations by sharing information and representing Cheam Band.
  • Provide technical health-related advice to First Nations’ and Cheam leadership (Chief & Council, Regional Caucus, Regional Table, FNHDA, etc.) to improve health and wellness programs and services, and to promote self-determination.
  • Ensure that Cheam Chief and Council have a base knowledge of the community health and wellness issues, ensuring they understand and appreciate the goals and priorities of all health and wellness programs and services.
  • Facilitate communication with health system partners with a view to addressing Cheams’ health and wellness opportunities and challenges.
  • Communicate effectively with community members and diverse partners about health opportunities and challenges in an informed and knowledgeable manner.

Responding to Public Concerns:

  • Communicate and interact effectively with multiple stakeholders in service delivery, Chief and Council, Cheam Band Managers, community members, all levels of Health personnel and other departments.
  • Respond to complaints and/or concerns in a tactful and timely manner.
  • Provide conflict/dispute resolution and advocacy support to Staff and individual Band Members.
  • Prioritize issued raised by the public body (membership) and provide explanations where necessary.

Asset Management:

  • Identify and establish policies and procedures with regard to the purchasing of Health and Wellness equipment and supplies.
  • Purchase necessary equipment, tools, materials, supplies, etc. within the established budget.
  • Ensure that all assets, materials and supplies are safeguarded, tracked and that inventory records are updated as required.

Oversight of Social Development and Education Department Functions:

  • Responsible for the overall coordination of Health and Wellness, Social Development, and Education activities.
  • Oversight of Social Development and Education: short and long-term planning, strategic and operational planning needs, and budget review. Ensuring that these departments are piggybacking off each other’s programs and services, whilst ensuring no duplication of services or activities and that departments are running in conjunction with each other for cost-effectiveness.
  • Oversight of Health and Wellness Assets Management, inventory controls, etc.
  • Social Development and Education Coordinators will be responsible for annual work plans, budgets, and handling all day-to-day operations and staff supervision.

Staff Supervision and Management Functions:

  • Responsible for the overall supervision of all staff and sub-contractors working for Cheam Band, under Health and Wellness.
  • Supervise, manage, mentor/coach/train and evaluate Health and Wellness department personnel, Social Development and Education Coordinators.
  • Develop and implement standards of performance for all subordinate staff.
  • Ensure Health and Wellness job descriptions are complete, accurate and current.
  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of all Health and Wellness staff.
  • Supervise, manage, orientate/mentor/coach/train and evaluate Health department personnel. Manage, lead, oversee and delegate the activities of all Health and Wellness personnel, ensuring that staff members have the information, training, resources and equipment to perform their jobs effectively.
  • Complete supervision and provide staff with annual evaluation through the Cheam Performance Evaluation process. Provide staff with meaningful and timely performance feedback through verbal and written evaluations on a regular basis.
  • Utilize performance management measures when and where required.
  • Identify gaps in manpower, training, skills and abilities and work to strategize solutions for deficiencies.
  • Promote staff accountability, staff morale and workplace safety.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings to to define goals and objectives, identify and resolve issues, needs, etc. and improve teamwork and communication.
  • Encourage positive morale, creativity and teamwork.
  • Participate fully as an active member of the Management Team with respect to department and inter-departmental matters, ie: strategic planning, budgeting, etc.

Leadership Functions:

  • Maintain membership with the First Nations Health Directors Association – mandated to support First Nations Health Directors and other community health organizations in BC.
  • Lead and provide day-to-day supervision of health staff and contractors, including all aspects of human resource management. This would include assisting with full-cycle recruiting, providing in-depth orientation and on-the-job training, learning and development planning, coaching, mentoring, sharing of knowledge, capacity building, performance management, etc.
  • Build an effective health team through recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Foster a cooperative and collaborative working environment through team activities, personal leadership and professional incentives, including the management and resolution of conflicts.
  • Facilitate and provide leadership and advocacy to the change management agenda and activities.
  • Act as the community health and wellness teams “go-to person.”
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate community health and wellness programs by involving community members, surveys, evaluation forms, etc.
  • Understand, communicate and uphold the vision of community leadership.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle and promote cultural tradition, including achieving work/life balance and engaging in self-care, and promote this to community members and health staff.
  • Demonstrate fluency, or willingness to learn local indigenous practices, culture and languages.
  • Understand the role that the Health Director plays in transforming First Nations health and wellness programs and services.
  • Act as a mentor and positive role model for staff and within the community.
  • Participate fully as an active member of the Management Team with respect to department and inter-departmental matters, ie: strategic planning, budgeting, etc.
  • Work with other Department Managers and/or provide input, feedback and advice for the development, revision, analysis, and implementation of departmental policies and procedures.

Emergency Response:

  • Participate in emergency management, preparedness planning and/or pandemic planning is in place and well communicated to all staff and Cheam Membership.
  • Coordinate intervention, directly or indirectly, in emergency, trauma and crisis situations.
  • Work with Cheam Departments, Cheam Leadership, local police, fire, and emergency responders in a proactive and reactive manner for disaster prevention/relief and other emergency services.

Records Management:

  • Develop and maintain confidential files re: Health and Wellness programs, activities, projects, etc.
  • Maintain efficient filing systems, records, storage and databases.
  • Complete auditing of files on a periodic basis.

Xyntax Systems Functions:

  • Ensure the timely and accurate data entry of required Health and Wellness information. Ensure detailed data entry is being completed regularly and continue the expansion of PW information within the system.
  • Identify deficiencies in the Xyntax software and recommend solutions.
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of data.
  • Other duties or responsibilities as assigned by the Cheam Executive Director, and/or Chief and Council.

Direct Reports: 

  • Health and Wellness Manager
  • Wellness Counsellor (D&A Counsellor)
  • Medical Transport / Health Assistant
  • Health Receptionist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Liaison to external providers (Seabird Island Health Doctors, Nurses, etc.)


From time to time you may be required to provide relief or backup to other employees within your department, or within other departments as your training and experience deems appropriate.

Professional Development:

Cheam First Nation encourages lifetime learning. Professional development is one tool to achieve this. You are encouraged to discuss professional development opportunities with your immediate supervisor. Further, additional training requirements may be added by your supervisor to ensure your skills meet the current or expected organizational needs.

Adjustments to Job Descriptions:  

Cheam retains the right to make necessary adjustments or amendments to job descriptions to meet current or expected business needs provided that the appropriate notice is provided. Cheam also retains the right to temporarily reassign employees to another program or department for projects or assignments at any time.

To apply please send your resume and any supporting documentation to [email protected]

Download job description here