January 20, 2023 – Currently, the Council is looking to appoint two trustees through this expression of interest. One will be appointed for a three-year term and the other a two-year term.

The Cheam First Nation established a trust in January 2020 to preserve funds held in the trust for the betterment of the people of the Cheam First Nation for future generations.

It is intended that the Trustees be guided by the following core Cheam principles:
• We the Cheam have lived here for thousands of years. We have never ceded or surrendered title to our lands, rights to our resources, or authority to make decisions within our territory.
• We are the keepers of our land, water, and resources for Cheam members now and for generations to come.
• Our culture and spiritual teachings are fundamental to our well-being. The best way to preserve our traditions and culture is to practice them in everyday life.
• We reaffirm, assert, and exercise our inherent rights and powers to govern ourselves, our land and our resources.
• We the Cheam will preserve the capital contributions to this Trust for the betterment of the Cheam people now and for future generations, and we will use the income and capital gains for the investment of the Trust Funds in accordance with this Trust.

• Develop policy
• Manage investments, e.g. the Future Generations Fund and the Economic and Community Development Fund
• Work closely with fellow Trustees, CFN leadership & Investment Advisors
• Prepare and present reporting to CFN Council/leadership
• Allocate investment income

The Leadership shall, by way of a Cheam First Nation Resolution, appoint at least three but not greater than nine persons as Trustees or one company duly incorporated and licensed to carry on the business of a Trustee as defined herein. Where persons are appointed as Trustees, the composition of such shall meet the following qualifications:
• all Trustees must be 19 years of age or older;
• at no time shall Leadership or executive who report directly to Leadership account for greater than 40% of the Trustees, or a maximum of three of the Trustees, whichever is less;
• the majority of the Trustees must be residents of Canada;
• the majority of Trustees must be Members of the Cheam First Nation;
• a person is not eligible to be or continue to be a trustee if he or she has been convicted of an indictable offence. A person is not eligible to be or continue to be a trustee if he or she has been convicted of a summary conviction offence involving fraud, theft or false pretenses;
• a Trustee cannot be a citizen of the United States or other non-Canadian jurisdiction unless, in advance of the appointment or re-appointment, the proposed Trustee provides a legal opinion to Leadership and the Trustees that such non-Canadian citizenship will have no negative tax or residency effect on the Trust;
• the Chair of the Trustees must be a Member, but cannot be a member of Leadership or the executive who reports directly to the Leadership;
• all Trustees must be mentally competent. A Trustee shall be deemed mentally incompetent upon a physician providing a written medical opinion that the Trustee has lost his or her mental competence to make decisions regarding this Trust.
• none of the Trustees can be an undischarged bankrupt;
• be willing and available to work a full term

All expressions of interest should be in to [email protected] no later than February 28, 2023.

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