First Nations Health Benefits Coverage: Pregnancy and Infant Care

Pregnancy brings lots of change. Some changes may be physical while others may be social or
emotional. Throughout your pregnancy, it is important to talk about your questions or health concerns with
your health care provider, such as a community health nurse, pharmacist, nurse practitioner,
doctor, or midwife.

The Health Benefits Program can support you by covering many of the medically-necessary items and
services your health care provider might recommend. This guide provides an overview of the Health
Benefits coverage available to you and your family. In this guide, coverage areas are divided up
according to health concerns that may come up during pregnancy and after. However, all coverage is
available at any time, regardless of where you are in your pregnancy journey. If you have questions
about what Health Benefits covers, or if you are having trouble accessing coverage, call us at
1-855-550-5454. You can also find information on how to access your benefits coverage at:

Full Guide Here