Landfill Remediation Project Update

We are committed to working more closely with you to improve engagement and better guide our planning and decision-making on Cheam First Nation’s landfill remediation and other essential projects that affect our community. We recognize that face-to-face meeting isn’t always possible, especially in this time of physical distancing. That’s why we have created a survey for members to fill out along with a project FAQ.


In the last year, we’ve made significant progress with our team to ensure closure will happen this year. The landfill remediation’s long-term project goal was to fix outstanding settlement and leachate issues. Thanks to the engineers at Sperling Hansen Associates and environmental consultants at Rocky Point Environmental, we’ve put together important information and a timeline with the steps we’re taking to complete this project. [1] As a result of this work, we estimate the Cheam Landfill will reach design capacity, and the site will be closed by July 2021. The site will then be capped appropriately and closed to be later redeveloped.

We look forward to sharing the ongoing progress. You can find the project information document below that explains technical aspects and frequently asked questions.

Would you like the information pack delivered to you? Email us with your address, and we’ll send it by mail.


Below we’ve included frequently asked questions and an example of the future site end-use. We invite you to call or email us if you need more information.

Q: What is landfill remediation?

A: On-site landfill remediation is a proven method to minimize environmental risk from closed landfills and eventually reclaim the land for the benefit of our members and the public. To close and remediate a landfill is to stop putting waste into the area—cover the existing landfill cells with dirt, and possibly a membrane or other technology, to reduce hazards from fires, leachate, storm-water runoff, vermin, windblown dust, and other contaminants.

In North America, many known dumps or landfills have safely become parks and other recreational sites. They have converted industrial lands for truck parking, container storage, even building light industrial tilt-ups, a type of installation, and a construction technique using concrete. Many excellent examples of landfill remediation sites in the Metro Vancouver area, including North Vancouver’s Inter River Park or Delta’s South Fraser Perimeter Road, are now used for recreation, light industrial, or commercial use.

Q: Is the site still open?

A: The site is open and continues to accept new non-hazardous fill material (gravel, rock, soil, construction/demolition waste, etc.). Landfilling will continue until the ground level reaches the final design grades that will allow for proper closure. This final design grade will allow for the appropriate compaction of fill materials and the site’s re-levelling, which will then be entirely capped during the final closure phase. The remediation plan is designed to improve the landfill conditions and protect the environment from any effects of landfill and remediation activities. The fill acceptance process controls the material added to the site. Our partners Rocky Point Environmental and Sperling Hansen Associates have implemented a monitoring program to monitor the groundwater and the location for gaseous emissions.

Q: Are there any financial benefits to the Nation?

A: Yes. The restoration plan has the additional benefit of generating significant revenue for Cheam Nation and Cheam Enterprises Inc. In 2020, Cheam Nation received approximately $860,000 in royalties from the landfill revenues and roughly $142,000 in remediation fees for closure costs and monitoring. Once the site is restored, it will be repurposed for future community-owned development, another potential revenue source for the Nation.


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