Changes to Recycling from White Disposals   

Please note changes in policy. Blue bags are no longer accepted. All Recyclables must be loose in container.

Containers can be blue bins, garbage cans or containers with lids that are well-marked ‘Recycle’. Shredded paper should not be in a bag.

If your service is:

  • 1 (Bag) Recyclable max of 60L.
  • 1-2 (Bags) Recyclable max of 121L.

Please do not get a larger sized bin (no greater than 121L – size of regular garbage can) as cannot pick up manually.Please ensure that there no contaminants or glass in the container or that it is not stuffed too tight.

Here is a Waste Wise Pamphlet for more info.

All garbage should be at the curb by 7 AM. As there are times the driver has to take an alternate route.

Thank You

White Disposals