Council Communication

Council Communication

Holiday Season

We would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. We hope you create joyous memories as you enjoy the festivities and enjoy recalling stories and memories.

We are mindful that not everyone looks forward to the holiday season. We think of those who find it difficult to enjoy the festivities of the season. Remember those trying to feel loved and accepted. Remember those not surrounded by wonderful families and friends. Remember those overwhelmed with loneliness. Remember those overcome with sadness when they remember loved ones who have passed on. Remember those with health struggles, job issues, or worries of any kind. We all need caring, loving thoughts right now.

May we ask that you give a moment of support to all those who might need it. We all need to know that someone cares. Nobody is immune. Let someone know they are in your thoughts. Thank you.

Council Portfolios

The Governance Policy states that “Council may decide to establish a portfolio system whereby an individual member of Council will have specific responsibilities in a specific area of Council’s jurisdiction. Portfolio holders will be advisors to Council and will not direct staff unless expressly authorized by Council” (subsection 3.4).

“Portfolios are reviewed and assigned by Council Members at the beginning of an elected term (usually based on strong interest or expertise and least perception of conflict of interest). Portfolios are held by one person and there may be an alternate Council Member appointed at a duly convened meeting. Appointed portfolio holders should only be changed at a duly convened meeting with cause” (paragraph 7.4(C)).

At the December 17, 2019 Chief & Council Meeting, the Council passed a motion to assign specific portfolio responsibilities for the 2019-2021 term and will evaluate the assignments in March 2020.

Portfolio Holder Alternate
Governance All Council
Education Councillor Stephanie Fredette Councillor Rick Quipp
Health & Social Councillor Rick Quipp Councillor Bruce Douglas
Administration Councillor Lincoln Douglas Councillor Darwin Douglas
Land Use & Community Development Councillor Darwin Douglas Councillor Lincoln Douglas
Culture, Social & Recreation Councillor Bruce Douglas Councillor Stephanie Fredette
Fisheries Councillor Bruce Douglas Councillor Rick Quipp

The Chief is a member of all portfolio assignments.

In paragraph 7.4(D) the Governance Policy states, “The roles and responsibilities of portfolio holders are as follows: (i) portfolio holders are not supervising staff or administering the project; (ii) report monthly progress updates to the Council table; and (iii) consider all matters referred by Council on a priority basis for best results.”

Chief Andrew Victor and Councillors Stephanie Fredette, Bruce Douglas, Darwin Douglas, Lincoln Douglas and Rick Quipp