Cannabis & the Land Code

Cannabis & the Land Code

The Government of Canada has stated it will be legalizing the production, transport, processing, sale and consumption of non-medical recreational cannabis through Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, and the Government of British Columbia has developed the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act to regulate the sale of cannabis in BC and the Cannabis Distribution Act to establish a public wholesale cannabis distribution monopoly.

Under the Land Code, Council is authorized to pass various laws related to lands including laws relating to the protection of Reserve Lands under subsection 3.1, the regulation of business, and the regulation of zoning, subdivision and development, and requiring permits and fees under section 3.3 of the Land Code.

Council wishes to implement a law to regulate key aspects of cannabis cultivation, propagation, use and sale on Reserve Lands to protect the health and safety of Members.

Cannabis Laws

Growing and selling cannabis on Reserve Lands is still illegal. After the federal law is passed, some aspects of growing, selling and using cannabis will change but it will not be totally unregulated. There will still be some restrictions in federal, provincial and Land Code Law to protect the community.

In the near future, Council will implement a Cannabis Control Law in accordance with section 3 of the Land Code. The law would apply to Reserve Lands, including CP interests.

Community Engagement

The Lands Committee has developed a survey to gather input on questions related to the content of the Cannabis Control Law. Please your feedback by completing our survey, available until October 15, 2018. The results of the survey will be shared with the Committee on October 18, 2018. A community meeting will be scheduled to present the survey data and to provide an update on the law development.

  • Online Survey:
  • Paper Copies are available at the Band Office and can be returned to the Lands Office
  • Community Meeting: date to be scheduled

The Council, Lands Staff and Lands Committee will do their best to keep Members informed as the federal legalization and Land Code Law process unfolds.

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