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Health and Social Development

The health and social development department offers a wide scope of services to community members living on-reserve.

Muriel Victor, Manager
PH:  604-794-7927
[email protected]

Health Building:
52142 Mathela Crescent, Rosedale, BC  V0X 1X1

There are approximately 10 Social Development programs and 6 on-reserve Health programs with more programming available through Seabird Island Band.

Under the supervision of the Chief & Council and the Executive Director, the Health and Social Development Manager:

  • Administers INAC and FNHA funded programs and services either directly, or indirectly, through department staff.
  • Assists in the development of community resources, capacities and services while establishing and maintaining a sound working relationship with other band staff, department staff (AANDC, Health Canada and First Nation Health Council) and representatives of other departments and agencies (Fraser Health and First Nation Social Development Society, for example).
  • Is responsible for the budgeting and reporting for all programs and services while writing proposals to help cover the shortage of programs and services in each of the Departments. 

Health Building