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Summer Employment

Hiring Cheam summer students can provide those much needed extra hands in our band office and around our community. Summer is a time when the low-priority projects can finally be taken off the shelf and worked on. At the same time, students can be assigned to new projects that require basic research and/or administration; allowing Cheam students to participate in learning skill-building opportunities which gives students valuable lessons that can last them a lifetime.

There are so many benefits and lessons learned through working a summer job such as: the importance of earning money through hard work; having money available to the students to spend on some of their necessities: clothes, school supplies and entertainment; learn to embrace good working ethics; gaining confidence in themselves; time management which will help teens both in their school environment, college/university and as an adult.

A note to all students:a summer job enhances your social skills so it's a great and beneficial idea to make an effort to connect with the people you meet along the way. Making this effort will give you, the student, a competitive edge needed to get more and better jobs in the future.

Grants/funding for summer students are available to Cheam First Nation and other First Nation Bands thru Sto:lo Aboriginal Skills Employment Training (SASET) and Native Child Benefit (NCB)Summer Employment Students