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  • Short /long term strategic housing development plan
    • The strategic housing development plan consist of staged development  of new housing, that differs from surge housing development (build 10 homes wait five years), the idea is to develop at a consistent pace to allow for expansion of infrastructure and lot development to keep up.


  • Tenant training methods
    • Tenant training: to provide tenants with a firm understanding of their responsibilities as a renter; leaser of a home including maintenance requirements of the  tenant; budgeting methods; technics; as well as a better understanding of how a housing department budgets and how tenants contribute to the success of the program.


  • Call to action maintenance tracking system
    • Although the process is not new, the methods for our housing program are. The purpose is to demonstrate accountability of the housing department; budget tracking; council reporting; maintenance use of time; maintenance trends and maintenance efficiency.

  • Domestic issues / tenant behavior
    • Housing can play a large role in assisting with mitigating crime; criminal activity by including and enforcing various rules to hold tenants accountable for their actions, as well as the actions of their guests.


  • Tenant Home Maintenance Plan
    • The Home Maintenance Plan is an outline to the anticipated routine maintenance that the tenant would be responsible for. Routine maintenance from the tenant has a profound impact on the longevity of their home and minimizes the potential of larger issues to arise.


  • Tenant selection process
    • The idea is to make sure the member is given the best opportunity to succeed in their home, including a affordability assessment.  This is not to say that the members will be made ineligible for housing, but to assure they can afford the cost for living and the rent.  On too many occasions you will find members scraping by often sacrificing and cutting back on food/rent or cutting off their utilities.


  • Tenant graduation / stage housing approach
    • The idea is to provide a form of graduation process for members to advance through to make sure they are properly prepared for housing responsibilities. Starting with band rental units and working their way to an individual home.


  • Special needs and Elder-care housing
    • There are a few things being worked on with the Health Department such as developing special needs homes and recovery homes, as well as the component for an Elder village.


  • Arrears collection program
    • Housing arrears has always been an issue for First Nations. The goal is to approach the members with arrears and develop a repayment plan to commence repayments in a process that can be affordable.


  • Housing Committee Development - Cheam's Housing Department is assisting in developing the housing committee goals for:
    • Assistance in policy development/ refinement
    • Special circumstance issue resolution
    • Community development  for new housing
    • Community information gathering
    • Recommendations regarding housing                        


  • Rentals and waiting List
    • Housing waiting list has over 25 requests for individual homes and 16 band rental requests.


  • Social housing
    • The Housing Department’s goal is to have the selection process in place to eliminate members being put into situations that are beyond their capabilities/ affordability. This does not mean they are not eligible for housing, this is where the change of approach is necessary.


  • Special housing needs
    • Currently there is no special needs housing available. There have been Elder homes in the past, and a direction we want to move toward in the near future.


  • Privately owned homes
    • Housinge Dpartment's role with private homes are limited as there is no revenue received as such, no budget for providing maintenance assistance. Housing owners can apply for housing renovation assistance programs. The Cheam First Nation provides civil services such as garbage pickup and utilities to the properties edge. For private homes, with Elders, there is assistance with minor maintenance issues.