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Lydia Victor

Pulpit rock

Lydia is 20 years old and since her early teens, has been active in the Cheam community as a role model and volunteer.  Lydia is currently a “Cheam First Nation Community Engagement Worker”. Lydia’s mother is Muriel Victor and her Father is Lance Heisz. Her grandparents are  Amelia Victor (also known as Amy), and the late Ed Victor. Lydia has two brothers Darren Victor and Elijah Seymour and two sisters Michelle Heisz and Ashley Doyle (Heisz). “Being raised partially by my grandmother and mother has given me a somewhat strict upbringing that is filled with wonderful teachings given to me by my family and extended family,” says Lydia.

Since her early childhood, Lydia has loved school sports, team sports/leagues, fitness training, and healthy eating. She is currently on a number of women’s soccer teams -- the JB Selects, the Rainbow Stars and the Semiahmoo Spirit Division 1 Team. In 2008, Lydia joined the Native Indian Football Association (NIFA) women’s soccer team.

Lydia has her sights set on competing with her NIFA team in the 2013 Aboriginal World Cup in Brazil.

Lydia has been a leader for the Sto:lo Youth Council for five years and has been a strong advocate for teens to lead a drug-free life. Her group organized conferences, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) presentations, weekly meetings, and exchanges with other youth groups. Last year, Lydia worked as a recreation coordinator to organize activities for youth in the community. “Keeping youth involved in a structured, fun, and safe environment easily deters them from risky behaviors,” she says. Lydia’s family has a strong connection to the winter longhouse season, where she supports her family’s traditions.

“I proudly received my traditional name ‘Shesumtenot’ in a naming ceremony a couple of years ago and will continue to live up to its meaning and significance.” Lydia says her priority goals include training for the 2013 Indigenous World Cup in Brazil and to continue to play with Semiahmoo Spirit in the Div 1 league and attend training practices with the FNSA. “Semiahmoo has plans for the Spirit Team to attend a tournament in Issaquah, Washington and other large tournaments in the United States and across Canada,” she says. “In order to qualify for the World Cup, I plan to get in top physical condition by pushing myself both on and off the field.”


Lydia Victor - Shesumtenot