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Carrielynn Victor

Pulpit rock

Born into an Indigo generation, with an innate desire to make progressive change through art and voice and action, Carrielynn is fueled by the passion to leave positive imprints with the earth and the people. Carrielynn’s ancestors are from Scottish, English and Irish descent who arrived in the Americas in the early 1600’s,  Coast Salish ancestors that have been sustained by S’olh Téméxw (Our Territory) since time immemorial. Carrielynn currently works at STC and lives in the community her late father came from, Cheam. Carrielynn enjoys: Hip Hop, Blues music, singing and songwriting, contemporary Coast Salish design in various forms, traditional Salish dance and song, Storytelling, and writing for independent media.

The designs Carrielynn Victor creates are inspired by traditional Coast Salish style, and as art has always reflected worldview and evolved with the people, so does Carrielynns’. The shape of Cheam’s logo is reflective of Cheam’s communal values for the mountain goat and its over-arching influence on their lives historically and today.

Carrielynn Victor- Xwémentélót