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Nashon Douglas

Pulpit rock

Nashon (pronounced Nation) was born September 19, 1997. He is the son of Chemaine Douglas, grandson to Sid and Judy Douglas, and great grandson to Edna and Albert Douglas. Nashon is an exceptional athlete. His abilities were obvious as early as age one year, when he loved swimming in the lakes surrounding the Vernon, BC. At the age of four, Nashon attended swimming lessons and completed four sessions in one summer.

This caught the attention of the local swim coach who asked if Nashon could sign up for training. Nashon joined the Agassiz Harrison Aquanauts where he trained steadily for eight years before taking a break in 2011. Nashon has competed at the provincial level in various swim events five of the eight years on the team. Although swimmers race against others in their age bracket, races are more about pushing yourself to achieve something greater then you did the last time. Nashon did this for himself with a record of beating his race times 32 times in one season. Nashon does a 50 meter butterfly in 37 seconds, with grace is so amazing. It only takes five strokes for him to go from one end of the pool to the other.

Nashon is also going into his fifth year of playing football. He earned the name “The Wall” and the phrase “you got Nashoned” has been attached to him. Nashon trains hard during practices and his dedication comes out during games. This past year, Nashon received the most defensive player award and the year before the most valuable player award. He was also chosen this year to play on an All-Star, which included Game Ready Fitness training with some of the BC Lions. This has been a phenomenal experience for Nashon as he gets to be actively involved with pro football players who, in turn, give him guidance and connections to pro-football sources that he has always dreamed of.

Nashon has recently taken up MMA training, boxing and jogs 5.5 km with his grandpa in the mornings. He trains regularly during off season at the revolution gym in Chilliwack. Nashon wants to stay on top of his health. He eats a healthy diet and seeks and absorbs advice from various sources. Nashon’s goal is to one day play pro football. But as a backup, he also plans to study engineering or architecture.