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Amelia Douglas

Pulpit rock

Amelia was born on May 25, 1922 to Joseph and Josephine Alex.  As a young girl she lived at Peqwcholthel (American Bar Reserve).  Amelia’s parents taught her how to wind dry salmon, she also learned to make cedar root baskets, do beadwork, knit, preserve food cook and keep house.

She enjoyed participating in sports all year round, especially swimming, baseball, basketball, volleyball, ice skating and skiing.  She was one of the first to pull on the eleven man race canoes at Cultus Lake.  Slahal has always remained one of her favorite games.

In 1955, at Sq’ewqel (Seabird Island), Amelia married George Douglas.  He is from the Chiyom (Cheam Band.  Together they raised ten children and have fifteen grandchildren. Amelia speaks the Halq’emeylem Language and wants to make sure that the language will never be forgotten. 

She attended Fraser Valley College to learn the writing system and how to teach the language to others.  Today she works at Coqualeetza Education Training Centre where she prepares lessons for young people so they can learn to speak their language as well.


        Maggie Emery’s and Amelia Douglas’s book “ The Mountain Goat People Of Cheam”

Is available at:

Email: [email protected]    Website: