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Maggie Emery

Pulpit rock

Margaret Emery was born March 19, 1892 at Peqwcholthel (American Bar reserve). Her parents were Andrew Aleck or Peqwcholthel and Virginia Stomp of Spiyem (Spuzzum). She had one brother, David Aleck from Peqwcholthel and a sister Mary Peters from Sq’ewqel (Seabird Island).

Maggie’s husband, Peter Emery, was the Chief of Puchil (Yale)Band.  Peter’s mother and father were Lucy, from Skw’atets (Peters Reserve) and George Emery from Skwiyo (Squeah). Maggie raised four Children, Francis, Lillian, Willard and Steven.  She had fifteen grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

Although Maggie received no formal education she was fluent in the Halq'eméylem and Thompson Languages. She enjoyed making baskets, weaving, and knitting socks and toques and was an active member of the Coqualeetza Elder’s Group


        Maggie Emery’s and Amelia Douglas’s book “ The Mountain Goat People Of Cheam”

Is available at:

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