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Land Resources/Land Use

Land use planning creates the preconditions required to achieve a type of land use that is environmentally sustainable and socially just and desirable and economically sound for Cheam First Nation community and members.  The Land Resource’s Department desires these outcomes in the short and long term for community planning:

  • Commercial Property Development off of Highway 9
  • Housing North of Rose Garden Estates
  • Tourism around Ferry Island and Bridal Falls
  • Tax Jurisdiction
  • Lawmaking
  • Membership agrees on land use plan
  • Land code is ratified
  • Plan crop field partnerships
  • Business partnerships
  • Green spaces for tourism or cultural stop sites
  • Manage our own field systems
  • Sustainable jobs in farming areas
  • Non farming land to be suitable for:
    • markets
    • gas stations
    • warehouses
  • Set aside land for:
    • environmental development
    • culture
    • economic development
  • Reuse of lots sitting vacant
  • Replacing the previous revenue generating benefit derived from landfill operations.
  • Clarity in legal/administrative framework with lands within our territory.
  • Strategic planning for the future needs of membership and land use.


We achieve the desired out comes through:

  • Land codes
  • Land use Plan
  • Financial management acts
  • Secured housing spaces
  • Data and statistical reports giving facts
  • Reports on creeks, homes, special housing
  • A count on available homes
  • Data on highways’ and railways’ and methods of transportation.
  • Work data collection on gas lines/hydro lines.
  • Community driven land use policy development and adoption within our community.
  • Best practices and processes in land and resource management.
  • Land use plans adopted into a land code
  • Managing our lands professionally.
  • Contracts
  • Annual audited reports
  • Centralized data system