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Housing Manager

Annie Silver
PH:  604-794-7924
[email protected]

Under the supervision from the Chief & Council and Executive Director, the Housing Manager has been involved in the Cheam Housing Program on various levels and has represented Cheam First Nation on many issues. During this time, working relationships have developed between CMHC & INAC (formerly AANDC) and Cheam First Nation.

We have worked on creative solutions for changing Cheam's Housing Program at all levels within this program. We have recognized there are many barriers in operating a self-sufficient housing program and there is a growing need for social housing. It is our goal to build a program that will lead to success for not only the Cheam housing program but the people as well. To achieve this, we know there must be change. Change from both the tenants and the housing department.

The Housing Manager’s responsibility is to properly administer the housing program that includes: maintenance program; new housing development; transfer of title; renovation program applications; file and record keeping, tenant counseling; budget creation and monitoring; policy development; title and rights issues regarding housing.