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Health & Social Development

Cheam's Health and Social Development department provides comprehensive integrated services to help meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, health and social needs of the community. INAC and Health Canada fund programs and services either directly, or indirectly, through department staff, creating innovative ways to work with and along side Cheam's community members.

The Community Health Representatives (CHRs) and Addictions Counselors are valuable asset to Cheam First Nation by having continuous interactions with the community members. The CHRs identify health risks and/or issues resulting in interventions and support to happen more quickly; the Addictions Counselors are available assisting in the promotion of healthy lifestyle alternatives to drug and alcohol, education on additions and a one-one and group counseling, as well as crisis intervention and referral activities.

One of many of the Health and Social Development Manager's duties is to assist in the development of community resources, capacities and services while establishing and maintaining a sound working relationship with other band staff; department staff; (AANDC, Health Canada and First Nation Health Council) and representatives of other departments and agencies, (Fraser Health and First Nation Social Development Society). The Manager is responsible for the proposal writing, budgeting, and reporting for the funding of various programs and services which enhances Cheam band member's health, well-being and social development.