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/downloads/financialReports/Audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Notes/Consolidated Financial Statements and Notes March 31 2016.pdf

/Downloads/FinancialReports/Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses of Chief and Councillors/Schedule of Salaries, Honoria, Elected and Appointed officials FY 2015-2016.pdf

Audited Financial Statements

Audited financial statements:


Schedule of Salaries, Honoraria, Travel Expenses and Other Remuneration Elected or Appointed Senior Official:

Property Taxation Annual Rates

2014 Proposed property tax rates: /Downloads/FinancialReports/Cheam proposedtaxrates2014.pdf

2015 Proposed property tax rates: /Downloads/FinancialReports/Cheam proposed_tax_rates_2015.pdf

Cheam's Proposed Property Tax and Assessment Laws

Notices for the proposed laws

Property Tax and Assessment Laws