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Educational & Cultural Programs
  • Homework club runs Monday and Wednesday (3:30-5pm) every week during the months of October to June; this is open to all students needing assistance with their school work.

  • Cheam Education Center provides an ABE (adult basic education) program available to adult learners needing to complete their grade 12, or to upgrade for future post-secondary. This runs Thursdays from 6-9pm weekly form September to June following a regular school schedule.

  • Language program is open to all community members whom are willing to learn, this is provided in partnership with Coqualeetza Cultural Education Center whom provides the instructor for the program, and the session’s run on a weekly basis for 10 weeks.

  • The Summer Program provides various activities for children ages 6-12. It is available at the Cheam Education Center throughout the summer months, also providing employment and work experience to secondary summer students who run the program.

  • Salish Weaving & Sewing classes runs on a weekly basis on Tuesday evenings, this is open to all community members

  • Cedar Bark Gathering is a seasonal session in the spring; this is open to all community members.

  • Traditional Herbs & Tea Gathering is a seasonal session usually in the fall; this is open to all community members.

  • Cedar Weaving and other related crafts; this is facilitated twice a year in the spring and the fall. Some of the teachings of this include cedar hats, roses, headbands and mats; other related crafts include building a carved form for cedar hats. This is open to all community members.