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The education department strives to promote learning and to provide life-skills education, free from economic worries.

Sandra Victor, Education Manager
PH:  604-794-7924
[email protected]

Education Staff

  • Post-Secondary Allowance runs on a monthly basis providing successful applicants with a monthly allowance to assist with everyday living costs distribution at the end of each month, covering the months that they are attending schooling.

  • Post-Secondary Tuition covers all tuition costs to the successful applicants.

  • Secondary Allowance is provided on a monthly basis to secondary students from grades 7-12 that are actively attending school. This is provided to the students at the beginning of every month.

  • Nominal Role covers the tuition costs for all on reserve K-12 students.

  • School Supplies is provided to all on reserve K-12 students at the beginning of the school year (late August) to help contribute to the costs of school supplies necessary for that year, allowance is grade specific.