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Economic Development

Economic Development and growth produces the resources and opportunities for Cheam Frist Nation members’ to improve their standard of living and socio-economic well-being through business and employment. Business and employment are just two of Cheam’s quality of life indictors to create a climate to attract investment and generate wealth. Chief & Council will continue to encourage and expand new and emerging economic and business developments to create a sustainable community without compromising Cheam First Nation’s culture, heritage or traditional territory. CFN is developing a 5 Year Economic Development Plan and the following are some highlights since plan design-implementation:

Year 1 – 2011/12 Fiscal Year

  • Analysis of current climate and Gaps
  • Planning timeline and priority of Gaps being addressed
  • Developed an Economic Development Corporation
  • Explored economic opportunity
  • Identifying land best used for commercial, traditional, agriculture and residential purposes
  • Conducted a Labor Market survey to compliment the Residential and Commercial Land Development (in order to identify the best way to produce community benefit in the long term).
  • Land and Resource Assessment
  • Market and Opportunities Assessment
  • Community Engagement
  • Land Use Planning Meetings

Year 2 - 2012/13

  • Development of BOD, structure-legal and accounting framework for the Corporation
  • Development of the business strategy for short & mid-range terms of the Corporation
  • Human Resources of the corporation
  • Begin project implementation plan
  • Establish protocol between Corporation and Governance
  • Began targeting more structure to the community addressing Gaps-enter into development of FAL
  • Entry into the Framework Agreement

The successes of the bands that are actively pursuing Self Governance of their lands present a roadmap our community can utilize in the Strategic Community Planning lead by our Leadership. In moving forward we have set out a collective vision and principles; set goals and have created action items in:

  • Developing a strategy for fish management
  • Designing  a Fraser River Stewardship Plan
  • Building strengths through Cheam resources
  • Having businesses provide income and jobs for members
  • Creating sustainable band owned businesses
  • Designing an intake channel for boats
  • Constructing a potential Marina
  • Providing growth in services and employment to membership in and around our territory
  • Sustaining long term financial security