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Department Head

Chief & Council at current are serious about moving the community into the path that opens more opportunity to the members. 

The immediate priorities are:

  • Finding the members interests at the heart of all priorities

  • The protection of rights and title, culture, and Cheam’s history

  • Proving the opportunities for the membership

  • Member benefit driven economic objectives

  • Preparing not only for the future needs of the members but for the changes predicted in legislation within Canada, as well as the case rulings that may come

  • Replacing the previous revenue generating benefit derived from landfill operations

  • Living less by Indian Act Legislation and becoming more sovereign as a nation

  • Land and resource management and stewardship

  • Building relationships in and around our territory

  • Strategic long term planning based on member driven needs and aspirations

  • Building a health plan on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.