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Owning or renting a well-constructed home instills a sense of pride and responsibility for community members. Although the housing conditions on Cheam Reserve have improved, there is still work to be done on the homes. Housing shortages on Cheam Reserve and a lack of affordable housing off-reserve are a concern for many community members. Homes are in need of repair and more to be built to accommodate the return of our off-reserve members and our growing families.

Housing Department’s agenda for community planning are:

  • To develop a strategic housing development plan consisting of staged development of new housing
  • Call to action maintenance tracking system;  demonstrate accountability of the housing department
  • Housing committee development 
    • Assistance in policy development/ refinement
    • Special circumstance issue resolution
    • Community development  for new housing
    • Community information gathering
    • Recommendations regarding housing   
  • Special housing needs a direction we want to move toward in the near future.
  • Arrears collection program - developing a repayment plan 
  • Developing a Cheam housing policy